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Electric Forklift

We provide high-power, cost-effective battery solutions to improve work efficiency, while reducing noise and surrounding environmental pollution
Energy shortages and environmental pollution are driving traditional industries to rapidly transition to clean energy usage. As one of the most important kinds industrial vehicles, the electrification of forklifts has quietly started. 
The trend of smart warehouses requires battery products with higher power for electric forklifts. As a pioneer in the world's energy transformation, Farasis Energy is working with leading global providers of forklifts to create efficient, intelligent, and environmentally forklifts.
The self-developed i-BMS system can effectively monitor the battery’s state of health and control the temperature difference of the battery cell through efficient thermal management, so as to improve the safety of the product
The effective life of our batteries is more than five times that of existing lead-acid batteries.
The longer lifespan increases operational and economic efficiency
Our battery can adapt to working environments between -30℃ and 60℃, without daily maintenance, re-hydration and ventilation
Strong power
Our high-power products allow for forklifts to operate with increased power, speed, and stability, which results in productivity gains and an increase in customers’ rate of ROI