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Smart Energy Storage

We provide cost-effective energy storage solutions with long service life, in order to regulate peak load and frequency of power grid, improve energy efficiency and store the energy generated from solar and wind
  • Renewable Energy

    Considering intermittency of photovoltaic and wind power requires energy storage solutions. Li-ion battery as one of most effective solutions promotes the renewable energy development. That is smaller in size, longer in life, and faster in response to smooth the power output and to promote the development of renewable energy
  • Power Grid Energy

    We provide safe, reliable, and intelligent energy storage solutions for the power grid to improve its stability and safety, and to bring convenience to thousands of families and houses
  • Industrial Energy Storage

    We provide safe, reliable and intelligent Li-ion battery solutions for large commercial buildings or industrial parks to realize intelligent peak shaving, safety upgrade, and to promote environmental stewardship
  • Data Center

    We provide safe, reliable and intelligent Li-lion battery energy storage solutions for data centers to ensure business continuity and data security
  • Communication Station

    We provide communication station with a long-lasting, disaster-resistant, and environment-friendly smart ESS solution to meet the latest 5G needs
  • Energy Storage System

    Lightweight and portable energy power supply to meet the needs of camping, home emergency, outdoor work and other power needs