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Green Mobility

Innovative technology paves the way for a green journey.
Our solutions empower even the most demanding users on and off road, as well as on water and in the air.
  • Electric Cars

    We offer lithium-ion battery solutions with excellent safety, high-energy performance, and long-lasting life to facilitate a first-class green driving experience for every EV owner
  • Sports Cars

    We offer battery solutions with higher power, smaller size and ultra-fast-charging function for the world's top sports cars. Satisfy your need for speed without excessive noise
  • Electric Motorcycles

    We provide safe,high-efficiency,and fast charging solutions for electric motorcycles. The integration of technology, energy-saving, and artistic design combine to create a sense of a "flying engine"
  • Electric Bicycles

    We offer safe, intelligent and economical power solutions for electric bicycles. Users can freely charge or switch batteries to build an enjoyable green life
  • Electric Buses

    We provide versatile solutions that are safe, reliable, and durable for widespread green public transportation
  • Electric Trucks

    We provide safe, durable and long lifespan battery solutions for E-trucks, so that goods can be transported in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Air Transportation

    We offer safe, reliable and efficient battery products for aviation to make this mode of transportation affordable and accessible to everyone
  • Rail Transportation

    We supply battery products which are smart-designed and easy to maintain for rail transportation, making the travel more intelligent and environmentally friendly
  • Marine

    Over 90% of the world’s trade is carried out by sea. We offer green, safe, and highly efficient battery solutions to assist in ecologically green development in our waterways