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Low-carbon construction

We offer cost-effective power battery products with high energy to improve operating efficiency, reduce operating costs, reduce noise and environmental pollution, and contribute to ecological factory
  • Electric Forklift

    We provide high-power, cost-effective battery solutions to improve work efficiency, while reducing noise and surrounding environmental pollution
  • Electric Excavator

    We offer safe and stable battery products with high power and temperature resistance; a win-win for both the environment and the economy
  • Electric Hoisting Machinery

    We offer long-lasting battery products with high power and long-life cycle.Using Farasis Energy batteries, cranes can control lifting of material with precision, efficiency, and ease
  • Electric Mining Vehicle

    To provide mining trucks with high-power and reliable battery products while meeting requirements of harsh working conditions, achieving zero emissions, low noise, and minimizing surrounding environmental impact
  • Electric Agricultural Machinery

    We provide energy-efficient, lightweight, and easy to maintain Li-ion battery solutions to meet the needs of rural modernization in a more ecologically friendly manner
  • Electric Aerial Work Machinery

    We provide automated, intelligent, and information-based battery solutions to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor operations, while simultaneously reducing noise, saving energy and protecting the environment