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Electric Excavator

We offer safe and stable battery products with high power and temperature resistance; a win-win for both the environment and the economy
The exhaust emissions of an excavator are equivalent to those of over 50 household cars. Meanwhile emissions regulations for industrial and motor vehicles are becoming stricter by the year. Since 2019, China has implemented the National IV emission standard for non-road machinery, resulting in the conception and development of electric excavators. "Low carbon" is no longer just a concept, "low-carbon life" and "low-carbon construction" are becoming the societal trend. 
Farasis Energy regards the development of construction machinery as an important direction. We offer battery solutions for electric excavators, which combines safety, high-performance, environmental adaptability, and easy maintenance. Through this effort, Farasis Energy promotes social progress and sustainable development through technological innovation.
Our battery products adopt brand-new Safe³ technology and qualified to safely operate in harsh environments, such as tunnels where flammable and explosive gases are present
Our battery products are adaptable for use in a wide range of temperatures. The electric excavator using our battery can operate normally at -30 to -60℃
Using a long-life lithium battery for excavator power results in zero direct emissions, low noise, and low maintenance cost compared with the traditional excavator. Transitioning to electric excavators can result in an operating cost reduction of over 60%