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Electric Hoisting Machinery

We offer long-lasting battery products with high power and long-life cycle.Using Farasis Energy batteries, cranes can control lifting of material with precision, efficiency, and ease
Material handling has played an important role in the development of human civilization, with a history dating back over 5,000 years. With the expansion of production scale and automation improvement, the demands of our rapidly urbanizing societies have resulted in prolific crane usage. In turn this has also triggered attention on how to minimize environmental damage from caused by widespread crane usage. 
Farasis Energy enables the heavy machinery industry to create "intelligent, lightweight, human-oriented, highly efficient, and eco-friendly" battery solutions to promote the continuous development of heavy equipment, helping crane companies to improve their products and become leaders in their industry.
Economy and Safety
Our battery products are both durable and economical. The combination of efficient energy management system and intelligent BMS ensures improved safety compared to traditional cranes
Our battery products can be suitable for different lifting heights, varying tonnage. With strong power, its maximum speed can reach 90 km/h. Noise produced from driving and operation is less than 65dB with no exhaust emission
Our battery products allows cranes to meet the majority of normal operating requirements with a range of more than 260 km. They can be charged by various methods, including standard charging stations and other industrial charging solutions, which reduces charging anxiety