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Electric Mining Vehicle

To provide mining trucks with high-power and reliable battery products while meeting requirements of harsh working conditions, achieving zero emissions, low noise, and minimizing surrounding environmental impact
The mining industry is the backbone of global economic development. The development and utilization of mining resources depends on the technological progress of the mining industry, which in turn mainly depends on the development of mining equipment. Traditional mining vehicles have always been an important cause of air pollution due to their large size, heavy weight / load, amongst other factors. Through the advancement of technology, the electrification of mining vehicles can combine efficiency and economy, making it one of the main development trends in the future. 
With its excellent battery system performance, Farasis Energy provides safe, reliable, energy-efficient and high-power Li-ion battery solutions for mining vehicles, transforming mining vehicles into safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient high-end intelligent equipment. 
Our self-developed BMS system can effectively monitor the operating status of the battery to ensure safe and stable operation under complex working conditions
High efficiency
Farasis Energy high-power battery products can effectively reduce weight without reducing mining truck transportation capacity; These batteries can meet the requirements of large tonnage to adapt to different complex working conditions and improve work efficiency
Our battery products have a long service life - the maintenance cost during the entire life cycle can be reduced up to 25%
Low-temperature resistance
Mining vehicles equipped with our battery products can continue to operate under extremely harsh conditions, with reduced power loss in high altitude areas, and will not fail to start under cold weather conditions