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Electric Agricultural Machinery

We provide energy-efficient, lightweight, and easy to maintain Li-ion battery solutions to meet the needs of rural modernization in a more ecologically friendly manner
With the ongoing development of agricultural machinery, farmers attach more importance to their safety, comfort, and convenience, while paying attention to production efficiency. Traditional agricultural machinery primarily uses fuel as its power source, resulting in problems such as high noise output, large exhaust emissions, and high maintenance costs. The electrification of agricultural machinery meets the requirements of the low-carbon economy, not only alleviating the ongoing energy crisis, but also improving production efficiency and quality of life for farmers. 
Farasis Energy is contributing to the development of low-carbon, green, and efficient electric agricultural machinery for sustainable agriculture. We offer the digital upgrade solution of "5G+Smart Agricultural Machinery" to promote the green development of agriculture, increase the average output, and improve the automation and abilities of electric agricultural machinery while promoting ecological protection.
Safe³ Li-ion battery safety technology and E-Recycle sustainable technology are adopted to meet the needs of long-term operation in complex environments and to ensure that electric agricultural machinery does not have safety problems such as short-circuits
Temperature adaptability
Our battery products for agricultural machinery runs from -30°C to 60°C. They are dust-proof, waterproof, and can be used in a wide range of regional climates during different seasons
Using Farasis Energy battery products results in low noise and no direct pollution. Compared with traditional machinery, maintenance cost is reduced with simpler operation. The cost is equivalent to about 1/4 of that of fuel-fueled machinery
Long life cycle
Our battery products’ energy density allows it to be used in small areas such as greenhouses. Its long cycle life advantage guarantees stable battery life for its users