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Electric Aerial Work Machinery

We provide automated, intelligent, and information-based battery solutions to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor operations, while simultaneously reducing noise, saving energy and protecting the environment
In recent years, the development of the aerial work platform industry has accelerated with increasing number lithium-ionized aerial work machines being produced. Compared with traditional aerial work platforms which use lead-acid batteries as power sources, lithium-ionized aerial platform machinery has many advantages such as high energy density, long cycle life, high rated voltage, and light weight. Most importantly, they adapt to the current principles of green development . 
With advanced technical reserves and industry-leading R&D capabilities, Farasis Energy provides stronger power for aerial work platforms, making aerial work safer, more reliable, flexible, convenient, economical and environmentally friendly.
Our battery products adopt safe³ Li-ion battery safety technology and i-BMS intelligent management system. The batteries have passed many rigorous tests, comprehensively covering performance, reliability, and stability, which can reduce the accident rate and ensure the safety of operators
Our battery products help increase machinery endurance by 30% while tripling machinery lifespan, reducing overall operating costs over the course of its lifetime
Low-temperature resistance
It can effectively charge and work under the cold working condition of -20℃, ensuring reliable and stable equipment operation
Our battery products are small in size, strong in power, convenient and flexible in spatial layout, and are suitable for indoors and outdoors, plain and uneven working conditions