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Renewable Energy

Considering intermittency of photovoltaic and wind power requires energy storage solutions. Li-ion battery as one of most effective solutions promotes the renewable energy development. That is smaller in size, longer in life, and faster in response to smooth the power output and to promote the development of renewable energy
Ocean, winder and solar energy are seasonal, meteorological, which determines the character of intermittency for renewable energy. Electricity grid requires the power generated to be stable and reliable. It is essential and indispensable to equip renewable power generation with energy storage facilities. 
Farasis Energy uses advanced Energy Storage Solution (ESS) to increase the proportion of renewable energy power generation and ensure stable operation of the grid.
Our ESS products are strictly designed and adopt online and offline monitoring to achieve autonomous and smart operation. The energy storage system ensures the stable operation of the power grid and reducing electricity transmission loss
Long life cycle
Through the design and battery material structure and manufacturing process optimization, which prolongs our product lifetime and thus makes our products more economical
Our ESS products use modular design, which makes the product structure stronger and easier to transport, maintain and install