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Power Grid Energy

We provide safe, reliable, and intelligent energy storage solutions for the power grid to improve its stability and safety, and to bring convenience to thousands of families and houses
As the foundation of modern society, the stable and reliable power grid system is one of the foundations for human race and global economic development. Renewable power there is little technological advancement for power grid planning and dispatching system It is important to apply smart and intelligent control system for power grid plan and dispatch system. 
The deep integration of ESS and the power grid can promote the safe and reliable operation of the power grid, improve the efficiency of power grid operation, and start a new model of smart power grid. Energy storage system has the characteristics of high response speed and flexible adjustment. It can play a key role in many aspects, such as frequency and peak load modulation, alleviation of congestion, voltage support and reactive power control, emergency backup for failures, etc. 
As a Li-ion battery ESS solution provider, Farasis Energy actively participates in the construction of smart grids to further improve grid performance.
High conversion efficiency
Our ESS products strictly reduce the energy loss in the conversion process, improve energy conversion efficiency, and reduce energy waste caused by the access of ESS
Safety and reliability
Our ESS products emphasize the safety of battery design and use . Our self-developed intelligent alarm provides instaneous monitor of the ESS products health condition while they are under deployment and use
Our ESS products have a long cycle life and high operational stability, which can ensure high investment/cost effectiveness during the life cycle