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Industrial Energy Storage

We provide safe, reliable and intelligent Li-ion battery solutions for large commercial buildings or industrial parks to realize intelligent peak shaving, safety upgrade, and to promote environmental stewardship
As large consumers of electricity, large-scale commercial buildings and industrial parks often encounter difficulties, such as high power system investment and low return, power load overload, limited power expansion, high power prices, and power safety. These problems could hinder the rapid development of its business.
Farasis Energy provides advanced energy storage solutions for large commercial buildings or industrial parks, improves power supply and helps customers convert sunk costs into benefits.
Our ESS products adopt the new Li-ion battery energy storage technology, which can be used for power capacity increase, which solves the problems of power limitation and tripping during peak power consumption; it can also be used as emergency power supply or backup power supply to improve the safety level of the power supply system
Our ESS products have a long cycle life and low operating costs and can reduce electricity costs through peak cut