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Data Center

We provide safe, reliable and intelligent Li-lion battery energy storage solutions for data centers to ensure business continuity and data security
With the booming development of IoE, the demand for more connections, data flow, data calculation and storage has brought higher requirements for data center security. Power outages will have an incalculable impact on the data center, not only on serious financial losses, but also on the reputation of the company. 
At present, lead acid battery is often used as backup power sources for data centers, which has a short life cycle and serious environment pollution problem. As the cost decreases, Li-ion battery will quickly replace lead acid battery, thereby reducing environmental pollution. 
Farasis Energy offers smart energy storage solutions to ensure uninterrupted power supply. 
Our ESS products use high-power and high-energy density, lithium battery systems to achieve a leading power supply mode without no switch delay and to help upgrading the security performance of the data system
Our ESS products are composed of standard modules, which are easy to install and can be moved and expanded to fulfil the needs of rapid assembly, installment and deployment
Our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) has reached the international leading level. With a service life of up to 20 years and low maintenance costs, our ESS products can drastically reduce electricity costs through peak cut
Our ESS products use IDC overall management and control, enabling real-time dynamic visual management and remote operation