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Communication Station

We provide communication station with a long-lasting, disaster-resistant,and environment-friendly smart ESS solution to meet the latest 5G needs
5G is the foundation for IoE. Nowadays more than 100 operators worldwide have used 5G networks. Currently, 90% of 5G base stations have insufficient power supply and need to be expanded, resulting in high operation and maintenance costs. Compared with 4G base stations, 5G base stations require stronger power and uninterrupted energy guarantee. Before this, base stations often use lead acid battery as backup power sources, which seriously pollutes the environment. Replacing lead acid battery with Li-ion battery will greatly ease the pressure on the environment.
Farasis Energy is committed to providing smart energy solutions for 5G base stations to ensure the most efficient operation of energy.
We use an intelligent battery system to support the parallel output of new and old power sources, which can effectively alleviate issues such as insufficient power supply and ensure the safe operation of 5G base stations
Compared with traditional construction solutions, our solutions can greatly reduce the retrofit time, which reduce capital expenditures by 30%, and increase the energy efficiency by 8-10%
Our ESS products can operate normally in the extreme environment from -20℃ to 40℃