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Electric Buses

We provide versatile solutions that are safe, reliable, and durable for widespread green public transportation
Buses are an important part of urban public transportation, which satisfies people's day-to-day travel needs in cities and suburbs, while easing urban travel congestion. Bus traffic can be characterized by high frequency and relatively fixed lines. Widespread electrification of buses can reduce the financial pressures of operation while providing a more comfortable riding environment for its passengers and reducing environmental pollution.
Farasis Energy is committed to promoting the electrification of global public transportation and providing leading Li-ion battery system solutions for high-frequency public transport scenarios. Farasis Energy helps customers reduce costs and create a beautiful, comfortable, and clean public transportation image.
Safety and stability
Farasis Energy provides battery systems for buses, with extra emphasis on safety, while also meeting requirements for high-capacity and high-frequency use. We design comprehensive protection from cell to pack, and cutting-edge thermal runaway control technology to ensure the safety and stability of bus operation throughout its lifecycle
Long lifecycle
As an indispensable part of urban public transportation, uninterrupted operation and economy of lifecycle have become important requirements for buses. Our battery systems for buses are guaranteed for over 3000 cycles and eight years lifespan
Strong temperature adaptability
Our battery products can operate normally between -20°C to 55°C. The self-heating and active cooling functions of the system enable them to be used normally in most parts of the world