Over 90% of the world’s trade is carried out by sea. We offer green, safe, and highly efficient battery solutions to assist in ecologically green development in our waterways
While international trade has flourished with the rise of the global economy, marine transportation is limited not only for ocean-ba sed trade, but also used for civilian applications such as cruise liners, passenger ships, and ferries. Traditional ships mainly use diesel as fuel. Diesel has a high sulfur content, which causes serious environmental air pollution after combustion. Marine transportation electrification will greatly reduce ship pollutant emissions and operational costs.
Farasis Energy provides safe, reliable, green and eco-friendly Li-ion battery solutions that are compliant with all global regulations to promote the electrification of ships.
We use the safe³ Li-ion battery system solution to meet the IP requirements throughout the product’s lifecycle. Our battery products can effectively avoid safety risks caused by water vapor, smoke and dust, to ensure that ships are still safe under special circumstances
The operating cost of ships equipped with our battery products is lower than that of diesel and LNG fuel ships. In addition, due to its simple structure and fewer moving parts, the resulting maintenance cost is also relatively low
Strong power
We use a high-power, high-discharge rate, and high-energy density battery system to ensure long-term endurance
Environmentally friendly
Our battery products’ intelligent management system allows the ships to minimize sailing noise, while producing zero carbon, sulfur and other exhaust gas pollutants during use, completely achieving ‘zero-emission’ operation