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Rail Transportation

We supply battery products which are smart-designed and easy to maintain for rail transportation, making the travel more intelligent and environmentally friendly
With today’s growing energy crisis and focus on environmental protection, green rail transportation has become one viable alternative for mass transportation. At present, railway locomotives mainly use lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries. These older batteries not only have low energy efficiency and short service life, but also can produce corrosive acid fog during operation, endangering the safety of railway workers and passengers.
Farasis Energy is committed to providing clean energy solutions through high energy-density, Li-ion battery solutions for environmentally friendly rail transportation. With the continuous intertwinement of the global economy and deepening interconnection between different regions of the world, railways will continue to develop as an economic and environmentally friendly transportation mode.
Our self-developed i-BMS system can effectively monitor the battery status to improve the safety of both the product and of its passengers
Strong power
We adopt high-performance and intelligent Li-ion battery solutions. Our battery products have a high discharge rate and provide strong power necessary for train propulsion
The effective service lifecycle of our battery products is over five times that of existing lead-acid batteries. A longer lifecycle results in increased cost savings and higher operating efficiency
Strong environment adaptability
Our battery products can still operate normally between -30℃ to 60℃ without routine maintenance