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Air Transportation

We offer safe, reliable and efficient battery products for aviation to make this mode of transportation affordable and accessible to everyone
Since the first successful flight of the Wright brothers in 1903, the development and innovation of air travel has continually grown. Airplanes are one of the most environmentally harmful forms of transportation in our society today. Li-ion battery powertrains allows for near-silent operation, while accelerating the shift to sustainable transportation.
Farasis Energy is committed to achieving the goal of carbon neutral and promoting global propulsion upgrades. Through the provision of lightweight aircraft Li-ion battery solutions, we work with many companies to promote the popularization of electric aircraft.
We adopt the safe³ Li-ion battery system solution to meet the requirements of safe and reliable flight of E-airplanes under complex operating conditions
High energy density
Our battery products adopt a lightweight power group system with high energy density to ensure worry-free cruising range
Strong environment adaptability
Meets the requirements of high temperature, high humidity, high altitude, and other special application scenarios