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Electric Trucks

We provide safe, durable and long lifespan battery solutions for E-trucks, so that goods can be transported in an environmentally friendly manner
Developed logistics is the artery of economic development. Trucks carry cargo transportation within and between cities and are one of the most basic guarantees for people's livelihood. Traditional trucks using fossil fuels are an important source of greenhouse gas and particulate emissions. It is imminent to promote the transition of trucks from fossil fuel to clean energy.
Farasis Energy is committed to providing trucks with cost-effective battery solutions and accelerating the electrification of logistics industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Safety and stability
We provide battery systems with safety protection design for high-frequency trucks. We create the thermal runaway control technology to ensure the safety and stability of the truck's entire lifecycle
Long lifecycle
As an important tool in supply chains, uninterrupted operation and lifecycle economy have become important truck requirements. Our battery systems are guaranteed for over 3000 cycles and more than 600,000 kilometers
Strong temperature adaptability
Our battery products can operate normally at -20°C to 55°C. The self-heating and active cooling functions of the system enable them to be used normally in most parts of the world