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Electric Bicycles

We offer safe, intelligent and economical power solutions for electric bicycles.
Users can freely charge or switch batteries to build an enjoyable green life
Electric bicycles play an important role in solving the "last one mile" of daily travel. Also known as e-bikes, they have a wide market around the world with annual sales of over 35 million, though current modules primarily use lead-acid batteries. With the increase in environmental protection requirements and the decrease in the cost of Li-ion batteries, it has become a trend to switch electric bicycles from lead-acid batteries to Li-ion batteries. Lighter, more environmentally friendly and durable electric bicycles equipped with Li-ion battery will be accepted by more and more people.
Farasis Energy is committed to promoting the global transformation of electric bicycles using Li-ion batteries, providing standardized and modularized battery solutions to facilitate green and convenient travel.
Customized battery charging management system is suitable for external charging and plug-in charging, it ensures peace of mind without unknown safety hazards
Under the premise of quality assurance our battery products have a longer lifecycle with reduced overall cost of use compared to our competitors
Our battery products have high energy density, long range, and do not require frequent charging. The battery system is lighter and easy to assemble
Low temperature resistance
Our battery products can be used normally in temperatures as low as -20℃ with stable performance, ensuring uninterrupted use during winter