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Electric Motorcycles

We provide safe,high-efficiency,and fast charging solutions for electric motorcycles.
The integration of technology,energy-saving, and artistic design combine to create a sense of a "flying engine"
The global motorcycle market has entered a new stage of development, gradually transforming from a driving tool to great joy. Traditionally fueled motorcycles have a complex drivetrain system, bulky size, and only simple electronic functions. These issues limit motorcycle development in regards style and performance. Electric motorcycles can solve these problems. Compared with traditional motorcycles, electric motorcycles are more flexible in design, with powerful functionality, faster acceleration, and lower noise. At the same time, electric motorcycles are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
Farasis Energy was one of the earliest battery providers for world-class electric motorcycles, exclusively supplying Zero Motorcycles for ten years. Farasis Energy is committed to the continued provision of high-performance battery system solutions for electric motorcycles.
Strong power
Our battery products can continuously discharge at a high rate and achieve high-speed driving at a speed over 198km/h to make the fast and furious feeling of maximum acceleration
Our battery products make full use of the limited space in the electric motorcycle with its ultra-high energy density. The load capacity of our motorcycle batteries exceeds 18KWh with a high-speed range of over 300km
Strong adaptability
The unique integrated liquid cooling system employed by Farasis Energy allows for our batteries to continuously output strong power regardless of extreme cold or heat.
E-motorcycles using the integrated and stable pack structure of Farasis batteries can easily handle off-road environments