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Sports Cars

We offer battery solutions with higher power, smaller size and ultra-fast-charging
function for the world's top sports cars. Satisfy your need for speed without excessive noise
The sports car embodies the full potential and ability of the automobile industry, emphasizing the ultimate driving feeling and power. The traditional fuel supplying Sports car is mainly supported by a large-displacement engine, which also results in side effects of loud noise and high emissions. The advantages of electrification itself can help sports cars reach new heights in terms of acceleration and high speed, as well as reducing pollution of both carbon and noise.
As one of the world's top battery suppliers, Farasis has been deeply engaged in the electric sports car market for many years. We cooperate with the world's top sports car manufacturers to build performance-oriented masterpieces for the future.
Strong power
Our battery products use NCM chemistry with a high-rate discharge ability, which can achieve instantaneous high-rate and continuous discharge, allowing for acceleration of 100km/h within 3 seconds
Long endurance
Our battery products make the best use of the limited battery storage space of a sports car, providing energy densities of up to 285Wh/kg, up to 105KWh of electricity, and sustainable high-speed driving for 700km
Ultra-thin pack system
Taking advantage of pouch cells’ flexible layout options and high energy density, ultra-thin PACKs as thin as 77mm allow for a sleek platform with ultra-low wind resistance