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Electric Cars

We offer lithium-ion battery solutions with excellent safety, high-energy performance, and long-lasting life to facilitate a first-class green driving experience for every EV owner
While the automobile industry's expansive growth over the past century resulted in its predominant form of travel, it has also played a significant role in environmental pollution and the ongoing energy crisis. Both the future of our global society and the automobile industry depends on developing clean and renewable energy solutions to replace existing fossil fuels. The transformation of energy around the sustainable development of mankind has arrived.
Farasis Energy is committed to the electrification of the global automotive industry through providing safe, clean, and long-lasting energy solutions worldwide. 
Farasis battery products are recognized by top OEMs, meeting ISO, UL, UN and other international standards.
Our self-developed i-BMS (intelligent battery management system) improves product safety, efficiency, and performance
We have mass-produced 285Wh/kg battery products, while having developed 400Wh/kg battery cell technology, an industry leading benchmark for battery life
Fast charging
Our battery products are able to recover 200km range after five minutes of fast charging. The advanced charging strategy used allows for fast charging in a manner more sustainable for the battery’s long-term health
Long lifecycle
Farasis Energy has independently researched and developed a form semi-solid electrolyte to create a long service life exceeding 2500 cycles. The battery cell warranty exceeds 500,000 kilometers, providing long-term battery life stability and high vehicle residual value