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Climate Protection

Climate change is still one of the most severe challenges we face today, and it concerns the common destiny of all mankind. We are committed to climate protection and sustainable development, and strives to achieve carbon neutrality
In order to build a green and energy-saving plant, we use maximum consideration to the energy efficiency, recycling and environmental protection of buildings, and replace thermal power with renewable energy such as bioenergy, hydropower, wind power, and solar energy to ensure low-carbon construction.

In order to minimize the environmental impact of Li-ion battery production, we insist on recycling energy and raw materials. In the production process, through the use of smart manufacturing, high-efficiency recycling technology, clean electric energy, and environmentally friendly materials, we will continuously reduce carbon emissions, water consumption, electricity consumption, and waste gas pollution.

In accordance with carbon neutral production standards, we develop an "avoidance-reduction-offset" model to gradually reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase sustainable energy efficiency, and actively assume global economic, ecological and social responsibilities.
  • Covering photovoltaic panels on the roof of the workshop, large-scale implementation of distributed photovoltaic power generation project
  • Our green plants use a large amount of green energy and replace thermal power with bioenergy, hydropower, wind power and solar energy
  • The usage of steam heat instead of electric heating
  • Battery energy storage station is proposed to be built in the factory for vehicle charging and emergency energy supply