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Responsible Sourcing

We strictly select suppliers with the same sustainable development concept to build up partnership and continue to develop those had same value to become long-term partners in the future

Farasis Energy implements the concept of sustainable development management, and implements CSR requirements in the supply chain management process, and pays attention to environmental protection, labor and human rights, child labor, occupational health and safety, business ethics,etc.

As a practitioner in the industry, we are fully aware of the risks of child labor, abuse of human rights, health and safety protection, and environmental damage in the process of mining, trading, processing, and exporting minerals. As a member of the Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI), Farasis Energy is obligated to regulate the order of the industry, enhance its self-discipline, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

At present, we have established a “Supply Chain Due Diligence Management Appeal and Communication Mechanism” and at the same time we lead by example to others, by strengthen cooperation with related parties, reinforce the diaphaneity of the mineral supply chain, and regularly disclose responsible mineral due diligence progress and implement responsible mineral supply chain procurement.

For our cobalt due diligence report, please click here.

The Farasis Energy delegation actively participated
in researches on responsible mineral supply chain