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Breakthrough of thermal runaway technology, Farasis Energy wins the 2020 Lingxuan Excellence Award
       Recently at the 2020 China Automotive Supply Chain Summit, Farasis Energy’s self-developed and produced GAC Aion V battery pack thermal runaway technology won the 2020 Fifth Lingxuan Award for Mass Production Powertrain Excellence prize.

       Farasis Energy’s award-winning GAC Aion V battery pack thermal runaway technology began mass-production at the company’s Zhenjiang plant in June 2020. The battery pack took three years to go from development to mass-production, and a total of 78 product safety checks were carried out throughout the development lifecycle.
       At the same time, it underwent 117 items of performance test verification, met more than 40 certifications of various domestic and foreign standards such as VDA, ISO, CE, UL, UN, GB/T, etc., while also passing strict third-party thermal runaway safety tests.  During the thermal runaway tests, the first cell went out of control after 394 seconds, yet there was no sign of fire for the next 24 hours and the temperature gradually cooled down to a safe level.
       Safety is the one of the key tenets of Farasis Energy. Since its establishment, Farasis Energy has always taken substantive measures to ensure product safety during design, production, and operation throughout its entire lifecycle. Since 2018, the company has set up a battery safety technology team dedicated to the development of thermal runaway safety technology. Going forward, Farasis Energy will continue to invest more resources in safety technology to protect new energy vehicles.     
       About the Lingxuan Award
       The Lingxuan Award was initiated by China automotive industry's media opinion leader the Auto Business Review in 2016. It aims to discover and encourage outstanding companies in the auto parts industry, commend excellent companies and provide automakers with supply chain mind focusing on technology, ultimately it will become a communication platform for the best suppliers and main automakers. Adhering to the principles of profession, fair and authoritative criterion, and with four years’ efforts of various parties, the Award has become the most trusted local parts industry evaluation standards in China.